Social media policy

Social media policy

ROSETTE Co., Ltd. utilizes social media or social networking services (hereinafter “SNS”) to offer information on ROSETTE (hereinafter “our company”). By valuing ​​communication with customers and always staying close to customers, we aim to be a beloved company. In addition, we aim to operate SNS safely by establishing the following basic policy.

Basic policy (our attitude)

Our company establishes and complies with social media policy (hereinafter referred to as “policy”) regarding the management of official SNS accounts and the participation of our employees in SNS.

  1. Our company fully recognizes that SNS is a place for communication with personal connections, shares information that is widely and generally disclosed to the world, and that, with the speed of transmission and the size of the spread range, the transmitted information cannot disappear. As a sensible person, we use it carefully and with restraint.
  2. Our company uses SNS in compliance with ROSETTE’s corporate philosophy “For Your Beauty”, internal rules such as action guidelines and employment rules and other rules and manners in addition to basic rules and manners on the Internet, laws and regulations.
  3. Our company listens to customers and provides information for those who use or participate in SNS so that they can enjoy useful experience as much as possible.
  4. Our company participates in communication with sincerity, responsibility and dignity. We also pay attention to the content of the information to be sent and the way to send it, and try to avoid delivering wrong information or misleading customers.
  5. Our company follows the rules of each social media established and operated by a third party and respects each social media culture and manner.
  6. Our company respects the rights of intellectual property rights and privacy rights of third parties and take care not to damage the honor.
    *We establish rules regarding the use and participation of SNS for all employees.
To everyone who uses SNS
Keep in mind that the information that our employees send on SNS using each official account does not necessarily represent our official announcements or views. For our official announcements and opinions, we will post on the ROSETTE website ( and news releases.
Terms of Use on SNS

1. This terms establish rules for using social networking services (hereinafter referred to as “our SNS”) operated by ROSETTE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”).

2. Users of our SNS shall not perform the following actions (including possible actions) when using the service.

  1. Acts that infringe the rights and interests of our company, other users or third parties
  2. Acts that slander, insult, intimidate or damage defamation, credit and privacy of our company, other users or third parties (including acts that disclose information that leads to individual identification such as e-mail address, phone number and address of our company, other users or third parties), or acts that obstructs business
  3. Acts that violate the Public Office Election Law
  4. Acts that solicit to join a religious group or other group/organization
  5. Acts that solicit investments, donations, funding or purchasing goods or services
  6. Acts that introduce other websites our company deems inappropriate or solicit to browse the websites
  7. Acts that use or divert to information obtained through our SNS for commercial purposes
  8. Acts that use our SNS to send harmful programs or files such as viruses disturbing the normal function of computer software and hardware to our company, other users or third parties
  9. Acts that post information or content that does not have a legitimate authority to our SNS
  10. Acts that hinder the use of our SNS
  11. Acts that access our SNS by fraudulent actions such as hacking and acts that monitor or copy all or part of our SNS
  12. Other acts that violate terms of use on our SNS, public order and morals, laws or penal regulations and that our company deems inappropriate

3. If a user of our SNS violates the terms, we may delete the writing by the user or restrict the use of our SNS by the user, and the user shall not object to this.

4. If a user of our SNS violates the terms, or a user of our SNS causes tangible or intangible damage to our company, other users or a third party regarding the use of our SNS, the user shall compensate this at their responsibility and burden, shall make other resolutions, and shall not cause any burden or trouble to our company.

5. Our company does not guarantee or authorize the content provided by users through our SNS. Therefore, even if a user trusts the content and receives damage, we will not take any responsibility.

6. Our SNS, including all contents, characters, graphics, logos, button icons, images, resources, audio clips, digitally downloaded data, edited data and software, is the intellectual property rights of our company or a person who has licensed our company (hereinafter referred to as “our companies”). The user is prohibited to reproduce, duplicate or reuse contents, individual images, text information, data without approval of our companies.

7. For information posted by the user through our SNS, the user shall license regarding worldwide, non-exclusive, free, sublicensable and transferable use, reproduction, distribution, creation of derivative works, display and execution. In addition, the user shall not exercise the moral rights of the author. The user has no right to charge for the attribution or waiver of the right.

8. Our company may change the contents of the terms without consent of our SNS users. In this case, the revised terms will be effective when our company publishes them on the website or other ways and shall be subject to the SNS terms of our company.

9. Regarding disputes with use of our SNS and the terms, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Established on April 15, 2019