In any day and age Always with you


In 1929, Leon Face Wash Cream, Japan’s first cream facial cleanser, was released.

It was created from the founder’s desire to make a facial cleanser for women who suffer from acne. Succeeding his passion,

ROSETTE has been sincerely close to customers no matter the era, which is our great pride.

This is because solving skin problems brings a smile to customer’s face.

In any day and age, we will be always with you.

ROSETTE will offer beauty as if we cover you gently and warmly while staying close to your heart.


For Your Beauty

We aim to be a general cosmetics manufacturer in a new era that realizes dreams


1 PolicyFace every challenge honestly.
We face customers, products and employees to solve challenges.
We never give up and be honest.

In that way, we can see what is “truly” essential for our company, society and individuals.

Commiting to the truth will surely lead to happiness of our “important ones”.

Each day makes visible results.
Face even a tiny matter.
Let’s build a road to a little happiness bit by bit.

And expand the happiness in front of us.
2 ValueBeing selected over the ages.
We have been facing skin of customers for a long time.
With our steps, we have accumulated solid technique and experience.

One fact we must remember.
Our greatest asset is our “customers” who always find value to and support us.

Customers must have numerous desires for the effect of their skin problems, friendly price, unique package design and family’s favorites since their childhood. These desires have connected to ROSETTE.

We hope customers keep the “reason” for selecting ROSETTE.

Succeeding and polishing our “long selling brand”, we will continue to provide safe and reliable quality of products.
3 MissionTurn ideals into reality.
With the time flow and lifestyle change, customers’ concerns of beauty have been diversified and subdivided. In recent years, the advanced technology can help solve more issues than before.

ROSETTE has ever responded to their desires by offering skin care products with the concept of “minus care” to solve their skin problems.

In the future, we will be reborn as a “general cosmetics manufacturer” that realizes our customers’ ideals, using flexible concepts such as “plus care” and “inner care” in addition to the conventional concept of “minus care”. We aim to respond to a wider range of positive thoughts and desires in more customers.
4 VisionFill the future with smiles.
We hope as many people as possible to be happy.
And we are thinking and acting so that their happiness lasts as long as possible.

So that you can always smile at the mirror.
So that you can feel fun to meet people as your mind and skin get excited.
So that you can like yourself for 10 or 20 years.

You’re cute! How pretty! So gorgeous!
Such words come to you regardless of your age.
Imagine you can’t help smiling.

ROSETTE will continue to provide cosmetics close to our customers’ desires.
5 Product development guidelinesProducts that convey deep emotions
I like myself, I like my skin.

With positive mind and good skin condition, you’re always shining.

Now and in the future, we want to help you keep shining.

Therefore, we deliver “products that convey deep emotions”.

● Build your confidence

Our wish is to increase smiles at the mirror.

We create surprising products that meet your “skin problem” with unique ideas outside the box.

● Grow up with you

Our wish is to make you shining even after 10 years.

“More today than yesterday, tomorrow than today”

We create products that meet your “want” even though you put on years.

● Make efforts to deliver “deep emotions” to you

We must keep product designs cuctomers cannot stop selecting.

Therefore, we listen to customers, investigate their hidden needs and develop their ideal products with additional value.

To develop truly valuable products, we follow evidence based design.

● Manage safe and secure integrated process from development to manufacturing Our strength is to have our own factory for planning, development and manufacturing.

We deliver safe and secure products through the integrated management.

We pursue safety and quality based on evidence following third-party perspectives as well as our internal standards.

● Protect the long history and continue evolving We will protect “honesty” based production that has been continued since 1929.

We are willing to make efforts to offer “products” to regular customers who love our products for years.

Succeeding original technique and know-how, we constantly evolve and challenge anything to make products.